Celeb Iron Gates

the brief

Celeb Iron Gates offer ‘made to measure’ bespoke iron work that includes gates, balustrades, garden lamps and lamp posts. They wanted a website to showcase their work and make it easy for potential clients to contact them with their requirements.

the process

I begun with the branding, I took inspiration from their gates and created a bold logo that emphasises security. The gallery photographs influence me with striking terracotta walls against the raw black iron, which was the perfect colours to utilise throughout the whole website. I sketched out a wireframe and then created a visual in Photoshop which was approved by the client. I used a responsive framework ‘Skeleton’ to create my bespoke WordPress theme, including theme options for a admin user to edit all the information if required.


the result

A website that is clean, informative and responsive to suit a variety of devices.


Visit the celebirongates.co.uk website